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Double update for you guys that follow the story on the website~! The website is from now on going to be on update ahead of Tapastic~ And Patreon will be one update ahead of the site! So please enjoy this!
I'm hoping soon to have chapter 4 done and move back to Chapter 1. Sorry I havent gotten to redoing chapter 1 yet but hopefully I can manage this before its time to get back to the story line. You guys wont notice that I'm not on Chapter 5 because you'll still be on Chapter 4 for another few months. But we are almost off Chapter 4. Also I'm wondering should we go into pen work instead of Pencil work? Tell me what you think! This is what Pen work looks like

You guys wont notice the difference too much but I will I just wanna know if you guys think I should move from Pencil to Pen?


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