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So I bruised up my finger pretty badly. Where I should have been able to do a couple more pages this week along with some commissions I couldnt. HAHA well more like my dog bruised my finger really badly. So anyways Drawing is out of the picture for a few days, I'll try but it hurts to move my finger so bad for healing.

So anyways I hope you guys are liking the story! You'll soon learn what "henry"'s name is in a few more pages. For those that already know I know not a big secret. But either way its nice.

Here if you havent filled out the survey yet!

But anyways to let you guys know- Some people dont know this but Pages are updated every Friday around 12am. Remember My time zone is PSD/PST So for those that are in timezones like Australia you will get the update on Saturday.

Quite a few people thought I didnt have consistent updating for the pages but I really do update everyday at that time on the dot. UvU the website sometimes I update around 10 to 11pm because I'm tired and cant wait till 12 am on Friday but I still update with in that time frame UvU But when it comes to posting the social media updates sometime I dont do it till the morning haha, yeah cause no ones going to see it under all the things they see on Friday. SO Yup Updates are Friday (Saturday for the earlier timezones) Just wanted to clear that up for you guys.

We also cant do more page as of right right now. We would like to but remember I dont work alone I have to make sure Bre can work at the same pace as me- Which she can just we have College so HAHA yeah

But thats all~! Love you guys for all the support! <333


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