Author Comments

Hello everybody~
I'm sure many of you have noticed the jump in the page count. Well there is a reason for that. We have finally finish all the thumbnailing for the revamp of chapter 1 and we have gained 14 extra pages. Which means all your comments have been shoved on the wrong pages- HAHA sorry.

For now until we can get the pages lined and finished there are filler pages from 31 to 44. Just place holders till we have fixed the comic. For now Enjoy the comic as it is. We will be updating Chapter 1 pages at random but keep to the schedule as planned for the regular chapters. Until chapter 1 is complete. For now I will have a link in the Extra's page when with the old Chapter 1 pages posted there. It may take me some time to put it up there but it will eventually be set once the chapter 1 revamp begins.

Thank you~!


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